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MINI Cooper Countryman: City folk love it

MINI Cooper Countryman

Demand for the MINI Cooper Countryman has outstripped supply. All cars are accounted for until February.

Demand outstrips supply

As consumer demand for premium car models rebounds, MINI has announced their all-new Countryman is sold out until February.

MINI is in a somewhat unique position with the Countryman. First of all, this is MINI’s first 4-door, with room for five. Second, you have the option of ordering it with all-wheel drive. Even though these are new features in a car from MINI, the Countryman’s uniqueness sets it apart from other brands.

In this case, it’s a premium brand offering features urban dwellers find attractive. It’s sourced from one of the most recognized auto makers in the world, namely BMW. Quite simply, it offers easy city driving, mobility and efficiency in a compact form factor. And even though it may not seem like much, the Countryman looks like no other car on the road. The urban set want to be recognized for driving something distinct yet don’t want to appear wasteful. The Countryman scores on all those fronts.

According to MINI, the Countryman “…exudes an air of originality, robustness and versatility.” I would agree. City folk will flock to it.

Efficient power options

As far as power, you’ll have the option of three gasoline and two diesel engines. Models range from the MINI One Countryman developing 98 hp to the MINI Cooper S Countryman topping out at 184 hp.

The MINI One D Countryman and MINI Cooper D Countryman develop 90 hp and 112 hp respectively from the diesel engines. All models of the Countryman meet the EU5 exhaust gas standard in Europe.

Families cheer, hipsters nod in approval

Families with kids will love the option to order the Countryman with a rear bench seat that can be folded in a 60:40 split. The rear seat back can be folded flat offering just over 41 cu ft of storage. Those urban hipsters will opt for two individual seats in the back for their buds. The family look just doesn’t work for them. Neither rear seating option costs you anything. Just tick the right box at no additional charge.

Other standard equipment is to be expected, such as air conditioning and CD player. Some options available won’t be surprising to MINI buyers, such as exterior and interior colors unique to the Countryman. Choices of upholstery, trim and model specific equipment round out the options list. In car audio includes the MINI Connected system which includes the web radio and Mission Control functions.

As the global economy slowly picks up, brands like MINI will continue to see increased sales. If you fit the MINI mold, head to your local dealer and place your order. You’ll have to wait but patience is a virtue. Plus you’ll feel confident knowing no one else can buy one either. Besides, if gives you a few months to brag to your trendy friends about your new citified ride.

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