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3 years ago
Cheap & Easy Ways to Improve Your Car’s Performance

Improving your car's performance

Here’s some basic steps to improve your car’s performance.

  • Jriggs1504

    wherer do i buy a cone air filter?

    • Andrew DeGonge

      Google it, the 2 main types are short ram intakes and cold air intakes. Cold air will give you slightly more horsepower but short ram’s will give you a better sound when you rev up the engine. Also, Cold air intakes are slightly more expensive and a little more difficult to install, but both are still extremely easy.

    • fab

      i buy mine at a local car/part shop, i asked for a catalogue, picked one, he order’d it for me, and i installed it myself, realy easy to do… just remove the little ring with one screw, and replace it… simple as ABC