9 years ago
2009 Audi RS8 to pack twin-turbocharged V10 power

Audi RS8

Contrary to earlier reports, the Audi RS8 is confirmed for delivery in the second quarter of 2009 and will share the RS6’s twin-turbocharged, 572bhp V10.

Autocar is reporting that the RS8 should prove to be the fastest Audi ever with a zero to 62mph sprint of less than 4 seconds, reaching 100mph 4.5 seconds later and top out well north of 200mph.

Wolfgang Hatz, head of Audi powertrain development, said, “The car is now signed off, and will appear during the second quarter of 2009.”

“I can’t say much about it until then,” but he did confirm the RS6’s V10 as the cars powerplant.

Audi RS8 prototypeInitial reports were that Audi was having cooling problems with the twin-turbo V10, further proven by an RS8 prototype’s “carbeque” at the Nordscheife in 2006.

Quattro GmbH boss Werner Froweim said the RS8 would get a new 5.2-liter V10, based on the existing 4.2-liter V8 currently used in the R8 and outgoing RS4.

Apparently though, the cooling problem has been solved. Much of the work was done with the V12 TDi concept which would logically carry over for a V10-powered RS8.

“Why would we spend money developing a whole new engine for this car, when we already have such a good one,” Hatz said.

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